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CARREZE Lunch bag with drink holder

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I don’t really use lunch bags or lunch boxes. I was asked to review the Carreze bage carry with easy bag. I do a lot of running around carring diaper bags, wallets, purses and much more as I am a mommy to 3 girls ages 17 months to 9 years old. I have had many bags and none of them seem to do the job I am looking for it to do. I don’t just have to carry lunches when I go out with a 17 month old. I also have to carry my tablet with me , my phone that way I can keep track of every appointment and plus my 17 month old has a tablet so I have to carry it with me also, So, I checked out the Carreze lunch bag and drink holder. I am pleased to see it will hold my tablet, my daughter’s tablet and my wallet. I got the blue and green plaided one, I like that there was enough room for 2 tablets, a wallet and snacks for the baby.It’s durable and made of  So, all I have to carry is the diaper bag, and the lunch bag or in this case kind of like a personal bag. I would recommend this to family and friends.


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