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Creative Scents Black & White Herringbone Design Pattern Fabric Storage Box, Lidded Shelf-Storage Bin, Decorative Closet Organizer Basket + Faux Leather Lid

I  have never seen a sturdy durable lots of room storage box in a long time. I have a few but none of them can compare to this one. The box itself is steep inside which it can hold a lot of stuff inside. As you can see in the youtube video or the picture below there is still plenty of room to hold more stuff and still put the top on. The top is a leather type of material. I have to say for the price its really nice and elegant. When I recieved this box I was not expecting it to be as nice as it is, I thought it would be a typical storage box that won’t hold up, but this one really closes the deal on storage containers, I can see this lasting a lifetime and I would purchase more as I see they have different sizes which above all , I can rely that my valuable items are safely secure in this box.

Disclaimer : I received this item at a discount for exchange of a honest non biased review


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