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Delicate laundry bags

I love being organized, and when it comes to laundry I hate it to a T. I can’t stand having to sort through clothes to find socks, or having the washer eat socks, and Yes my washer does eat them, there had been many times my husband and brother in law had to take apart the washer let alone the dryer and found a sock or 2 in the motor. I was able to snag this set of 4 delicate Laundry bags to put socks, bras and other delicate clothing in them. They are very durable, I have used them over and over again. and there has been no wear or tear. The zipper hasn’t came apart or dull. The clothing still comes out white just like putting them in the wash without the bag. I love these bags and I will be buying some for family members and I will buy a set for my kids, as they always loose socks from the time they take them off after school or playing outside to the laundry room, having these bags are great cause as soon as the kids, husband or I take off our delicates we put them in these designated bag. I even gave my brother in law one who lives with us a bag and he never complains he can’t find his socks again. I even has a designated bag for my 10 month old as baby socks are the easiest to loose as they are so small. I have to say these are a life saver, I don’t know what I do with out these since having them.
You get 4 bags,
2 large
1 Medium
1 Small

I received these free in exchange of a review.


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