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Dog Seat Cover for Cars, TaoTronics Pet Car Seat Covers , Dog Hammock, Slip-proof, Waterproof

This is amazing, I have a huge dog a bull mastiff mixed with a pitbull , He is so big we could not take him for car rides cause we were afraid he would have a accident or his claws would scratch my seats to my jeep. So, when Tao tronics sent me the dog seat covers I couldnt wait to try it and see what it had it offer. If it was safe and if it could handle my dog. I like that it has a 4 layer design dog seat covers for cars will retain its shape and provides enough thick resistance against dog’s nails/paws, is a must for individuals with leather seats, plus it has 4 layers so it wont cause any scratch marks in the seats. It is also slip proof. so your pet wont slide around the back, it will that that grip for them to stay steady in the back seat. You can also use this for kids in the back seat, it is spill proof an water proof so all the mess kids make by spilling milk juice , food and so forth.
This dog seat is also Versatile In addition to being DOG HAMMOCK, the PET SEAT COVER also acts as a fold-in CAR SEAT COVERS with the Velcro strap, suitable for not only pet, but also kids, human. Available for most cars,trucks, automotives and SUVs (approximately 54×58 inches). Not only for small medium dogs, Perfect for large breeds. I have a 21 month old and she makes messes all the time and my husband and I feel more comfortable knowing that it is waterproof and spill proof that it puts us at ease. I recommend this to friends and and family,
I gave this 5 stars its everything I been looking for my dog and now I know it can work for kids I am in heaven,

Disclaimer: I received this free in exchange for a honest unbiased review.


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