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Durable Woven Fabric Foldable Basket, Collapsible Canvas Bins set, Storage Cube with Detachable Lid, Drawer Organizer Box with metal Ring and Cover (Lilac)

This 2 pack is absolutely amazing, I can’t say nothing bad, The Basket containers are really deep and can fit a lot in side. Also the tops are also heavy duty, so you know your stuff is safe. I like being organized, I have reviewed a lot of storage containers, but nothing really like this. I have a lot of stuff in fact, were in the process of moving so these are perfect for moving. I have a room which I call my get a way room which has everything that I have reviewed which is stacked full. Everything inside of the room has foldable baskets in the room , so put it this way everything has a place for it. I have not only storage baskets but storage that are made of wood. I have to stay organized and this is one of the best products that I use for my computer stuff so I know where everything is, I cant have my husband do my cleaning cause if I cant find something world war 3 would happen and I would have to take everything apart and take me 2 to 3 days to fix everything neatly to where I know where everything is, I am pleased with this product and the face that they purple makes the storage containers stick out to where if I put stuff in it, I know exactly where they are at cause of the purple woven bins.

Thank you, I received these at a discount rate in exchanged for honest unbiased review.


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