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I love oils, I have at least 3 diffusers. My room, bathroom and living room. I had the opportunity to try out these amazing oils. This kit comes with 14 amazing unbelievable fragrances. You get flowery scents such as lavender, fruit scent such as grapefruit. I have 3 favorites personally. I love the peppermint, ying yang, and clary sage. I love when I go into different rooms and have a nice unique snell. There are 3 oils that really stand out. The oil called Bergamot smells like a cologne type scent which is very pretty to me. Another one is called tea tree that scent to me reminds me a lot like pinesol, I had it going yesterday and my brother in law came home from work and asked me why the house smells like pinesol and I told him it’s the oil fragrance I am using. He likes that one cause it makes the house smell extra clean he says lol. The last one is lemongrass, that smells like lemonaid. Those are some of the oils that stick out the most for me out of the 14 scents to choose from. The price is very well worth it, all your favorite events in one collection. I feel like I need another diffuser for the dining room these are so amazingly addicting. I got my mother in law a diffuser for Christmas, as she uses the oils in the candle type oil holder. When I told her that using the oils in a diffuser she had no clue what I was talking About, so I cleaned my diffuser put a oil of her choice in and showed he how to fill the water to the full line and told her to only put 3 to 4 drops which that is how much I use everytime. Let me tell you she even fell in love with these lovely scents. I would most likely get her a collection for Mother’s Day.

Disclaimer : I recievied this at a discount price for a honest non biased review. Thank you


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