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Francois et Mimi Roll-Top Stainless Steel BreadBox Review

I had the opportunity to review the stainless steel breadbox and the black roll top breadbox. I have owned 1 breadbox my entire life and it was made of wood, I hated that bread box , wood was so hard to keep clean and eventually it would get stuck and wouldn’t open, my bread would mold easily due to the moisture of the wood seeking through , when I got my all stainless steel bread box I could not wait to get out of the box fast enough. It was so easy to clean and dry, inside was nicely vented , and my bread lasted it span and was softer than ever. It was so easy to open up as it glided nicely up and down. I use the stainless steel for my bread and the black one for my donuts and bagels. I see these durable, reliable breadboxes live a long time. I can’t say anything bad about them, they lead up to expectation you look for in a household product. Clean up is a breeze, all you need is a damp wash cloth to clean the babies. I love them and my mother in law ended up buying one herself. She fell in love with hers and is so pleased with it, as she never had a breadbox in her house and she always kept her bread on top of the fridge and wondered why the bread was always hard and it was because of the moisture of the fridge that dried her bread out. Now she is a proud owner of the stainless steel bread box she is in heaven and no more bread going to waste. The black roll top is just like the stainless steel the only difference is the roll top is not stainless steel it is plastic.

I received these free in exchange for a review.


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