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FREE WOLF Outdoors Survival Stainless Steel Multitool Multitool-Knife with Mountain Climbin Carabiners Pocket Knife Tools Set Purple

purple tool

This is a perfect nice small keychain pocket knife, I got this in purple. Which is more girlie.I walk a lot at night by myself to the store or just for a regular walk. It makes me feel safe. This pocket knife has a key chain which I clipped it on my keys which it doesn’t make it look obvious that I am carrying something. On my key chain with my keys I always have my pepper spray attached to it as well.
So you are kinda wondering what is all on this beautiful elegant to me pocket knife
1.A smal knife – I tried it out and it is pretty sharp as I use it to open my mail but I would becareful as it is very sharp.
2.A nail filer- I am always getting dirt or something under my nails which irritate me like crazy and carrying one with me is hectic trying to find one in my purse or one around the house I cant never find one, so having one on my new pocket knife is perfect as it is on my keys so I have one with me at all times,
3.Bottle opener – I love having a bottle opener on me, I have one in my purse as I like to have a beer or wine cooler at times and having one on a pocket knife it is great to have, no more asking a friend to open up your bottle as there is one on your pocket knife.
4. There is another tool on here which I have no clue to what it is,
I love the little clip that clips right onto the key ring, so there is not difficulty trying to get it on the key ring

I received this multi purpose pocket knife at a discount or free inexchange for a honest unbiased review

Other than that I love my multitool


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