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Heavy duty snack side table



I have a medium size living room with couch and a love seat, we have a side table for the love seat but not the couch. I sit on the couch a lot cause that is where I have my personal area set up, until when we move and I have my office all set up. Right now my office is in boxes as we are in the midst of purchasing our first home. I have a bad back so it hurt to lean over to the coffee table to get my soda or to turn on the little light on the entertainment center against the wall near the couch. So, when I was sent this snack heavy duty sofa bed table I thought would this work for me, well as you can see in the picture it fit nicely between the wall and the couch, I have my salt rock lamp on it, I use it to put my drinks on it, or any kind of work I need to put up so I can do things and take care of the baby. It is really nice, it looks like the table is made of a cherry color wood and it is attached to a nice heavy duty metal. The height of the table is about 24′. It was very simple to put together.

Disclaimer: I received this free in exchanged for a honest unbiased review


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