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ICOCO 34-Quart Locking Storage Box – Multifunctional Personal Security Under-bed Storage Container Sturdy Latch Organizer Bin for Household, Car, Trunk, Office, Dormitory, Closet, Garage (green)


I have been in search for a nice durable storage box, I have a few, that you open with keys.But loosing keys around my house has been a hassle , as we have 3 kids.When I got this in the mail, I was shocked to see how nicely durable the plastic is,the only downfall about this storage, is you have to put it together yourself, which is quite simple as there are letters to let you know how to put it together. The picture as you see in the image is much bigger then you see. It is very deep inside so it can hold a lot, I use it to hold very important papers and money. The reason we hide money and stuff like that is because My kids like to steal from us,so we hide birth certificates, money, social cards and much more. When its all together you will have to place all the numbers on zeros to open it, It is kinda hard once you get use to it, to set the combination you want to have. I like having number security rather than a key. Like I said earlier I have had many security safes that I notice that number safes are better then the key ones, as with key ones I noticed that people are easier to break into key safes than the number safes.
Over all I love this safe and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a reliable safe , this would be the safe for you.

This is my honest unbiased review that I got this free in exchanged for this review



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