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Liquid Chalk Markers by Colore – 8 Pack

I love using chalk, I grew up using the old fashion chalk, the rough texture kind. I have chalk board stickers that I use to label almost everything from my new baby’s organization to kitchen spice containers. So, when I received the liquid chalk I fell in love, it comes with 8 vibrant colors. The rubber container when you buy it from amazon, will be a surprise. I got a green one!

When you get your liquid chalk markers don’t get worried when you open the cap and just see white tip. Shake the markers first, then point down with a angle press on the white for 5 seconds, the press 4 to 5 times up and down until the color fills the white.

Once you do that your going to love them. When you write on your chalkboard or whatever kind of chalkboard your using like I mentioned before I have chalk stickers. If you see the video you can see how vibrant the pink is on the chalk stickers I labeled my tablet case cause my niece and mother in law has the same tablet.

But I really enjoy these, I recommend them to everyone I know,and will be buying them as giftsšŸ’–.
Recieved these free inexchange for this honest nonbiased review.


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