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Luxury 1000 count sheet set

I love sheets, I change my sheets at least 2 times a week, having kids especially a baby you have to change sheets more often then you normally would. I had the opportunity to review a nice set of sheets, well 2 but you will see that review in a bit, They come in various colors. I love these sheets only down fall is I received white, and if you have kids you know white is the worst color to get clean luckily I pretreat my sheets for that reason. This is a 1000 count thread set, which means its sturdy and durable I believe the more count the better lasting the sheets are, I have a king size bed and trying to find sheets that stay on the bed is very hard to come by, I have to admit these sheets did not come off one time since owning them, in fact once placing the bottom sheet then top sheet, I actually got a great night sleep. These sheet sets also come with 2 pillow cases, I love the pillow cases in itself!!

These are hotel durabilty sheets, so you can consider you will get your money’s worth. I feel when buying bedding I go for the quality then price wise. I do have to say I have bought cheap sheets that did out last expensive no doubt that, but I am in love with these, and I will be looking into buying another set, just not white.

I received these free for a inexchange of a honest review.


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