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MIcro Fiber cloths

I love microfiber cloths, I have to use them for everything from drying dishes, dusting and washing cars. I feel microfiber is getting better and better with durabilty in cleaning. My couches are even microfiber as they are the easiest to clean. I use my microfiber clothes mostly for drying dishes, cleaning my LCD tvs, laptops , tablets and mostly washing cars. I feel using these clothes protects my expensive items. I really cant see my every day work with out them. My husband uses them also, as I have allergies my husband dusts, instead of using feather dusters he uses a microfiber cloth so, the dust does not get everywhere. He even cleans the fans. My point is these cloths can be used for just about everything you can imagine. I received this set of 8 which includes 4 colors- blue, Green, Pink and Yellow. The price is amazing for these and when you wash them they come out super soft. I am pleased to trust these cloths in my everyday cleaning.

I received these cloths free inexchange for this review.


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