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My Toothbrush Holder™ ★ Best Way to Organize ★ Ample Space for the Whole Family ★ Contemporary ★ No Drilling Needed ★ Hole Water Filter for Easy Drying ★ Medical Grade Material – 298

This a unqiue product that I have never seen before. I like the transparent material that is durable, it gives it a elegant classy look to your bathroom.
I like how it has 2 sections. 2 side cups which we use 1 side for my husband and 1 side for my kids, I use the middle cup for the toothpaste. I like the suction cups that stick straight to the wall to there is no drilling or putting any holes in the wall. I do suggest placing it close to the sink cause it has holes to where after you use your items and place them in the correct container they are assigned to, their are holes on the bottom for the water to drain out. If you dont have kids or your using this in the master bathroom in your personal space you can use it for your partner or in my case my husband and I’s toothbrush and toothpaste and the other side for razors, tampons stuff like that. I love this I would consider buying one for a few friends and especially family,

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount rate in exchange for this review


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