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I been looking for a scale just not for the kitchen but to weigh food, to make even portions fro my kids so they don’t complain one gets more than the other. I have used a few scale but never a battery operated one. When I first got this scale I wanted to know how heavy my husbands wallet was so, I weighed his wallet, I took it off and put it back on and got the same weight number.The scale can measure up the same time 3 times in a row. This scale has many options it weighs in 2 different measurements units kilograms and pounds. which I am not good a kilograms with weighing, when they weigh my daughter on the table scale they weigh in kilograms, Also when I cook I always use a timer so that way the food comes out like it is supposed to, so along with the different functions it also works as a timer , so I don’t have to set the microwave timer or if I need 2 timers I can use the microwave and the scale. makes it more simpler. It also uses 2 common units of measurements of grams and ounces. It gives accurate readings like I said with the wallet , it measures food and postal items. This is a great device to have in the home , if I don’t want to use it as food , I can use it for postal, as I send a lot of packages out going. This scale comes in 2 other colors and they are silver and red. I chose Pink , as Pink is a color that means a lot to me. I honestly if I was looking to buy a scale I would buy this one, it hasn’t let me down yet and is very accurate compared to the manual scales.

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount price in exchange for a honest non biased opinion.


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