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salt Lamp with Dimmer Switch and Wood Base, 6 ft UL-approved Cord including Light Bulb by Whiteswade. Authentic Himalayan Rock Crystal Hand Crafted


I am in love with this beautiful hand crafted wood base Salt lamp , it has a dimmer switch to make it brighter and soft light. Since I been using the lamp I have noticed a change around my home. My allergies have not been as bad like they usually are, as I live in florida we have lots of Pollen , cedar, tree sap. I haven’t had the watery eyes and lots of sneezing. I also notice my mood swings haven’t been as bad as they usually are, I am not saying they are totally gone away but I have some outbursts. I have my Salt lamp in the same room as a diffuser which the combination on of the calming scents with the Salt lamp. I love that it is Organic and Therapeutic. It has natural Himalayan salt crystals that have calming and soothing properties.It has a ironizer which releases heat to remove the negative ions in the air, it also clearing your home of positively charged ions causing sluggishness and stuffiness.It Actually give me a boost of energy, I leave it on while my husband is in the hospital and when I come home I feel sad and depressed but I think the lamp sets off positive energy. As I was reading it has a natural purifier Naturally clears the home of allergens including pollens, smoke, dust particles and other similar air pollutants. I really recommend this to everyone who love natural products, The lighting is very beautiful and is absolutely gorgeous. This surprised me and have to say I would get another one.

Disclaimer: I received this free in exchange for a honest non biased review

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