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Sleek Modern Professional Collapsible Colander – Over-the-Sink Silicone Strainer by Kitchen Addicts | Space-Saver, Colorful, FOLDS to 1/4 Original Size! Extendable Handles, BPA-Free/Dishwasher-Safe!

This is a really neat Colander. I was really impressed with this, I have been looking for a new one for awhile now. I like the feature that it has the sides open up to fit nicely in the sink , so you can just place it in and it holds up. It is collapsible so you can use it right out of the package for fruits and vegetables or you can press down and its really deep for pasta, hamburger, the more major cooking that needs draining. I like how it is nicely made of durable plastic and nice silicone material. It is very worth the price they are asking for, I have no issues with this and I don’t get burned trying to drain my food and I don’t have to worry about placing it directly into the sink, with the nice extendable handles it sits over the sink , so no more worrying about missing the strainer.

I received this at a discount price inn exchange for this review.


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