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Songmics High-Low-Seat 2-Tier Entryway Shoe Bench w’ Boot Storage Wooden Brown ULBS12Z



I have to say Songmics have great products and that is not being nonbiased, they are easy to put together. I recently got the 2 tier entryway shoe rack. The directions that came with it were so easy to read and put together if you see the picture you can see that it fits the shoes nicely and that the top part you can sit on it to put your shoes on, or you can put magazines on it or use is as storage. We put our subwoofer on it cause there was no room for it on the phone , but it looks so much nicer. Infact we are getting ready to move as we are buying our own house finally. So I like how durable and sturdy their products. They are nicely made. I have nothing bad to say about these products and they have to be most dependable product I have owned. Here is a picture of it put together. What comes with the shoe rack is the thick alan screws and the thin alan screws. The alan wrench and all the screws and boards to put together. It comes with everything.

DISCLAIMER: I received this at a discount rate in exchange for honest non biased review.


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