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SONGMICS Set of 3 Large Foldable Storage Box with Lid Basket Bin Container Dark Brown URLB40K

I have OCD, everything has to have a place , so I know where everything is, so when I got the chance to review a set of 3 large foldable storage boxes I was in heaven. I turn to storage boxes and label each one so I know exactly what is in them. I even do it with my 3 year old so we know where her toys are, my 2 older children I gave up, cause they just destroy everything I give them. I have storage containers for my make-up, hair supplies, computer and ect. Some of my storage boxes I spend a nice little penny on and to my disappointment the are not sturdy and they fall apart and break or they dont come with top covers so I can stack them on eachother. But, when I got this set it blew me away. They were deep containers, the fabric is made out of a nice sturdy material , tuff enough for heavy products. In fact I am going to be moving into my first home within the next year and my husband promised me a office/ getaway room where everything is going to be organized so I know where everything is, I like that you can stack these on top of one another and I don’t have to worry about the bottom containers being ruined or damaged. These are great for the money and if you do searching they do come in different colors. Which I am looking for different colors to color code my organization. I have chalkboard stickers that I place on the boxes to let me know what variety of products are inside to give me a idea what I am looking for, I have to say it is really hard to find storage containers that are this sturdy and durable to hold up just about anything.

Disclaimer I received this free in exchange for a honest unbiased review for these set of foldable storage


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