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SONGMICS Set of 6 Foldable Storage Cube Fabric Drawer Basket Bin Closet Organizer Dark Brown UROB26K

I love being organized, I have storage cubes for just about everything. My 2 year old has the start of OCD where if something is out of place or not put up she freaks out. I am disabled and I have 3 girls and my husband is disabled so I also take care of him with my middle child who is also. My husband has had complete knee and hip replacement so we have to keep our house spotless clean so they dont fall and injure themselves. Also, as both my husband and I have epilepsy we have to be organized so we don’t fall and injure ourselves by tripping over stuff. So, as a disabled mom and caretaker I do reviewing in my free time. Which means I get a lot of stuff to review and my office room is now my reviewing room , which is why Organization is very important to me as a safety precaution and everything looks nice and neat. So I asked if I could review the fordable storage cubes to see how durable they actually are. I like the fabric for one, it feels nice and durable and that it can hold a lot if you pack the stuff in it the right way, also we like keep everything is storage cubes as we are saving to move. So, if they are in storage cubes it will be better to move them in the cubes then boxes , since you don’t have to worry if the box is going to break. They also come with durable bottom liners to keep the cubes in a nice box shape and not have to worry about them collapsing. In this set you get 6 cubes which is great for the money and you dont have to worry about them breaking. I really like that. In fact I will be looking to purchase some more at full price when we move. I couldn’t have asked for a better product. I have no issues and nothing bad to say about this product. I would love to see them in other colors like maybe purple or pink like that for a child’s room , or I love pink so I would love to see maybe pink. Also, I would love to see these possible if they added a cover on top of the cubes for easy stacking of the products. Other then that I am in love with these storage cubes. I added pictures but just it takes forever for amazon to post reviews that contain pictures. Hopefully tomorrow they will be on,

Disclaimer. I received this set free in exchanged for a honest non biased review.


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