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Ultrasonic Rodent, Mice, Ant, Spider, Cockroach, Rat & Mouse Repellent – Electronic Plug In Pest Repeller – Better Than Glue Traps, Pest Control, Insect Zapper, Rat Killer & Poison Spray (1)



We have a mice issue, When my husband uncle passed away and we tore his room down and rebuilt it as a extra room such as a office to get into from the inside of the house instead of going out side eveytime. Well when we finally made into the office or extra room if the back of the house, it leads into the laundry room which is now attached to the laundry room. Well when knocked down the room we found out his room was infested in mice. We tried organic peppermint oil, I read that used dryer sheets would work. Nothing seemed to work we decided to try glue tape for mice, rats and other pests, it sorta worked but the issue there was I have a 20 month old little girl that it got stuck on her a few times and getting it off her was horrible it hurt. Got attached to clothing and I ended up having to throw clothing away cause of the glue its heavy duty and after it got stuck on my little one I had to find another option. When I got the opportunity to review the Ultrasonic rodent, mice , and other insects. It leaves a high pitch noise that only they could hear, I left it near where the hole that the mice go through, I had it in for almost 2 weeks and haven’t seen any mice yet,

Disclaimer: I received this either free or at a discount rate for a honest unbiased review


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