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WeScour | Heavy Duty Stainless Steel All-purpose Scrubber/Scouring Pad, Tackling the Toughest Cleaning Jobs without Scratches, 3.4 x 1.7in

I am in love with this wescour, it comes in a 2 pack, and I am very pleased with it, for one it get all the grease and grime off my pots and pans and I use the other one for counter tops and stoves, I never seen something so shiny after its washed. It does have a rough texture and to me I get goosebumps a little when using it, just like velvet , different material gets me goosebumps but after using it awhile it gets very used to . I think these should be in every home, they can be used for just about and kind of metal material.

Disclaimer:: I received this free in exchanged for a honest non biased review


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