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I am a crowd Tap member where I get the chance to do sample and shares with family and friends. Well this time I was accepted to do a sampling of Zep professional cleaners , I received 5 bottles of cleaners As you can see above. 3 bottles were all purpose cleaners that works wonders on the hard to stick and grease on you counters, stove and bathroom. I use it just about anything when it comes to cleaning my kitchen living room and bathroom. Unlike other cleaners where you have to let it sit for a bit to moisture up the goo to have it easily come off. This stuff you spray and by the time you are down spraying a few areas it is ready to wash right up. I used a paper towel and compared to many other cleaners I would have to use more then one this I only had to use 2 and it cleaned up my entire kitchen area, same with the living room and bathroom. No your probably asking you use the same paper towel for the whole house and the answer is no, I use a different paper towel for each room. After I cleaned up , I went over it with the disinfectant spray to kill any germs that was left behind from the cleaners. I tend to be a big cleaner when it comes to germs , I am a wife not only that a mother to 3 children , one who is only 5 months old. I am so anal about germs that when my 2 older kids come home from school, I make them change clothes and wash up before coming close to the baby, as, I don’t know where their hands or what they touched at school and the last thing I need is for them to come home and get the baby sick!!.  They tell us to give them hand sanitizer , but upon doing research on that , yes it kills germs but in all reality your more likely to get sicker by using to much of it. I did indeed give a bottle of all purpose cleaner to my mother in law and a disinfectant bottle to her to let her try it out and see how she feels about this. As, I did. I am very pleased how it turned out for me. The plus side of it , it didn’t leave a over powering smell like many cleaners out there.

I would like to thank crowd tap for giving me the opportunity to try out these cleaners and pass a set along to a very special person in my life.

Looking forward to working on more sample and share opportunities.


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