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Charmin Ultra Strong


Sorry about the picture, My wife likes to take pictures what comes in the mail and not separately lol . I been a member of a company called Bzz Agent for quite sometime, Just recently I been more active on this site trying to get my rating up so I can get into more campaigns and voice a opinion on a man’s point of view. I have trouble spelling so I wanted to let everyone know as I am telling my wife what to say she is typing it up for me on her blog. We decided since she and a company sponsored for her to have her own domain that this will be a family site, from points of view just not for her but for our children as well. Only thing is our youngest is 5 months old but if she is playing with a toy her expression will say it all. But, back to what I have to say about this new toilet paper Charmin Ultra Strong. We have a household of 5 well 4 really since the baby don’t count yet she don’t use toilet paper lol. We have tried many different types such as; Scott, Cottonelle,  Angel soft and even store brands. What we don’t like about those brand is that you have to use more then you really need and if you don’t have a septic tank it can cause clogging. With our family using one of those brands I just mentioned a 12 pack will not last us a week which is really sad when some of the time your on a budget or like us we like to be frugal. What I get a kick out of is , that when they say you get 12 rolls it feels like your getting 24 to 48 rolls double the strength double the durability. But over all your really not getting nothing since the sheets are so thin it doesn’t do the job needed to be done and then you have to buy flushable wet one because you don’t feel clean. So, when I got into this campaign I didn’t know what to expect. Are they going to be like the other ones we have used or will they actually make me feel extra clean. I told myself I am going to wait a week and see the comparison, well I didn’t even have to wait 3 days. I didn’t have to double wipe like I normally due. I didn’t have to get more then I needed , a few sheets was all I needed to get the job done. The Charmin Ultra Strong a roll lasts 2 times the amount that the other brands used. I didn’t need a wet wipe to make sure it was fully clean. I love this brand , not only is it clean effectiveness but its durable and soft. I told my wife we are switching brands, no matter what the cost is, I have notice with the other brands when wiping so much it make your butt feel raw and sometime breaks out in a rash.(Sorry if I was in detail there for a bit .) But thats how I felt. So, now we have been clipping coupons and been staking up on this brand.

Thank you BZZAGENT for giving me a free sample to try out and let me voice my opinion!!!

Looking forward for more campaigns to work with you.


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