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Laser Distance Meter

This Laser distance meter can be useful for just about anything, the meter range is between 0.5 to 40m. It is very convenient and portable to take with you where every you go incase you need it, infact my husband keeps his with him in his toolbox. You can use this for a variety of possibilities. If you need to hang a picture on the wall you can measure the wall by horizontal and vertically so the picture comes out straight on the wall. Installation on carpet to make sure you get the right size and not have too much carpet that you don’t need. You can measure Area, Volume, Distance and length and really anything that requires measurements. Its simple and easy to do, The buttons on the device pretty much tell you everything. This came in handy over the past 2 weeks, we were changing our living room around and we were wondering if we switch the Couch to the big wall and move the love seat on the other side of the room, so we measured the furniture first and then compared it to the measurements we used on the device after the measurements from the furniture and we wrote down each measurement and noticed it would work perfectly. Then we measured across the from the couch where we wanted to put our entertainment , tv and out large curio cabinet with all of our games and blu rays inside it to see if it would fit just right with out having to make anymore adjust, which to our surprised the measurements came out perfect. This is a device we see ourselves using a lot in the next year or maybe sooner, as we are purchasing our first home and this will work amazingly , so we know where everything can go neatly in the living room, kitchen area, our 3 girls rooms with their beds, dressers, and toys. The guest bath room, then the master bedroom with master bath, and last but not least for the inside of the house my personal office my getaway room. It will also help when we extend the patio and lets us know the area of acre of land we have so when we put up the jungle gym, trampoline and pool for the kids, we can measure where land ends and put marking sticks down so we don’t go over. There is so many different scenarios we can use this device for, only thing you will have to purchase on your own is marking sticks if you need to mark certain areas. and batteries.

Disclaimer: I received this either free or a discount price in exchange for a honest unbiased review


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