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MatrixSight Washable Nose Trimmers



This is a really cute affordable nose trimmer set, It comes with a carry bag if you have to go on vacation or on business, This trimmer set takes 1 AA battery which is not included , to insert the battery unscrew the battery cover to the left to insert and screw it back clockwise,until you hear a snap then you are good to go. These trimmers you can remove nose hair, ear hair and you can snap the trimming head on to the system and trim your side burns after a hair cut. It took my husband about 20 minutes to do a whole facial trim.

To start you will want to remove the protective covering so the trimmer is exposed. To turn it on you will want to slide it on which is toward the cutting head. You will want to carefully glide it to the outer parts where there is hair exposed you would use this method to cut the side burns. To trim the ears and nose you would want to remove the trimming head and had the round trimmer exposed. When you do this as I watched my husband he carefully inserted it in his ears and nose and rotated it circular motion to cut the hair , as he did it carefully not to cut himself.

After, all the cutting, he then carefully took the blade off as he cleans it after each use, so hair don’t build up and clog the blades. You will want to make sure the battery compartment is tightly shut, you will want to rinse the housing and blades under water after that is done , do not let air dry, Take a cloth and fully dry the housing and then put the protective cover back on.

Cleaning the blade you will want to be gentle make sure the power is off, take the blade frame and turn it to match the lines and pull up. This will detach the inner blade from the outer blade, take the little brush that came with the kit and brush the hair out of the blade , do not rinse it with water, when finished, put the inner blade back into the outer blade, once that is done turn it counter clock wise until you hear a click and it is back in place. Due to the blades being stainless steel you want to brush it not rinse or use any type of water as it will rust the blades.

My husband really likes these trimmers as he uses this when he shaves 3 times a week. I will suggest this to family and friends. Its a great brand and does exactly what I expected it to do.

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount rate in exchanged for a honest unbiased review.




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