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Star Wars Yoda Self Stirring and Spinning Mug – Stir With The Force You Must

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My husband is a die hard Star Wars fan, his favorite character is Yoda. This cup is so very unique. The bottom come off and it takes 2 Triple A batteries. My husband love hot cocoa but stirring them to make it just right it a complete hassel, cause of the chunks you can’t stir and it takes twice as long. With the Yoda Self Stirring and spinning mug, you put your hot water or warm milk inside the cup and add the package of the cocoa. On the handle there is a yellow button you will press and you have to hold it which is the only down fall to it. But it will break down the cocoa and mix the water or milk with the powder simple as can be. You can use it for more then cocoa, I have used it to mix adult alcohol beverages. Pretty much anything you can think of that needs to be blended you can with this cup. This cup is also portable, so if you want to take your coffee or any beverage with you its nice to have, My husband used it a few times and after washing it he put it up with the rest of his Star Wars collection.

Also a very important notice this is not dishwasher nor microwave safe!!

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount price in exchange for a honest non biased review,


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