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Vader Belt Review

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I was chosen by the Brand Connection and the Mission Belt Company to give my opinion on any belt on their site. I had my husband along with me looking at the website , which is located on the top of the page. We took about a hour looking through them to see what would fit his style the most and what color he wears to match the belt for him. We ended up picking the Vader in the color Black 35mm metallic buckle with acrylic finish. It comes in a variety of sizes ; small all the way up to custom. My Husband chose the Large due to his weigh fluctuates. When we received the belt in the mail it came in a cute little box that is great for storing or if you just want it for decoration. My husband  hangs his belt on a organizer, that is on out walk in closet wall.  The Large fits waits 36 up to 38 in. The belt itself is very durable and the fact that there is no holes even makes it better, he said “he likes not having the holes because, of the fact the more you tighten a belt that has a hole it the more it wears the holes down to the point, the buckle clip no longer fits the hole.” ” I even like the feel of the belt and the 1.25″ genuine leather with synthetic coating. It makes the belt more durable and if I loose weight I can go down to 36in.” “In fact since having the belt I have, I have gone to a size 34in waist. the belt is still study and it tightens just at the metal part.” “I should have gotten the medium, but I didn’t think I would lose the weight so fast.” Thank you for giving me the chance to review this amazing durable belt.”.

My husband as you can see loves this belt, the price can be steep for some individuals, but as we can see with the belt since having it, the price doesn’t matter for the quality. He does surveying and wears the belt and keeps his pants up and shows no wear damage. We recommended this to many friends and family members. We gave them the website and told them if they want a good quality and durable belt , get one through the Mission Belt company. Its well worth the price and it may not be right for all people, it was right for us.


We received this product for free in exchange for this review.



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One response to “Vader Belt Review

  1. Roxanne says:

    For your convenience, your husband can re-size his belt. See here for simple instructions:


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