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2 Learning Success

2 Learning sucess

I have came to the conclusion that schools these days think everything is just a stage or its just part of the age group. I have 3 kids, One is 7 and the other is 8, and both of them are dyslexic and adhd. When we bring it up to the teachers during parent teacher meetings they tell us its their age and they will out grow it. We tell them everytime we been dealing with it since they were in kindergarten. We try and help them by writing it the correct way and have them rewrite it, And they can’t seem to grasp the idea. When they have to do ABC order as part of homework , they can tell us the order we write it down as they tell us , so all they have to do is copy it on another piece of paper. Well the problem is they can’t seem to grasp that either and the teachers keep telling us its just the stage they are in. Plus when it comes to homework or sit down and watch a movie or even read a book, within 10 minutes they are bored and start jumping and bouncing like a bunch of monkeys from a zoo. The teachers also tell us they don’t have ADHD it’s all psychological. We tell the teachers because in their school they get colors on their behavior everyday and we have noticed they can’t seem to stay focus and the teachers think its a at home thing. But, were not the only ones who see it, When we have Dr. appointments or with my 7 year old when she has her speech therapy, they all see the distractions that they have, and they want further testing on the dyslexia and adhd. When I applied to try out a learning program directed towards learning disabilities such as dyslexia and behaviors such as adhd, I was thrilled to see how and if this would help us. At first trying to get them to sit still for 10 minutes was a task, but the more activities we endured, the more they payed attention and looked forward to having more learning. Not only did it keep them occupied , but it was something we did as a family and the fact it encountered games and such. We have seen a little improvement so far but we know it will take some time. But, we are really happy that there is a program designed for children like ours out there that encounter these difficulties. Our children have to repeat 1st grade over again due to their exceptions, they think they are stupid or retard but we sit them down and tell them its not there fault, just look at it as extra practice. The fact that we are able to review this during the summer also gives them a little extra thrive of help. I don’t have anything bad to say about this, but I do have to say, if your a parent with no patients then this may not be for you. It takes a lot of time to explain and teaching children with disabilities. The cool thing I do like about this program is my husband can only read at a 3rd grade level and he is dyslexic. So, not only am I working with my children , my husband is getting help at the same time.

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