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I was accepted into the Build A Bear mission and I received coupons and a 40.00 gc to get a build a bear, we had the options of Super heros, my little pony or Disney palace pets. As my 2 older children have plenty of animals we decide to make our new baby a special bear , we all sat downs and picked Disney Palace Pet Summer who is tangled’s side kick. The whole dressed up Summer was 66 dollars which was kinda expensive, so we went with just summer with no clothing, and a few accessories , and we paid the extra 8.00 to call a number to have 10 seconds to personalize it for her to make it special when she gets older. This is a wonderful experience to order it online, due to having one vehicle and I am now I work from home full time, which makes me have plenty of free time to review products for the family. I am a non biased individual which even though I may not like it I will state the cons that could make it better. Just because it wont work for me , it may work for someone else. But, In my family I am the person everyone comes to for advice and to look up others reviews and if I get it due to have so many stars and great reviews , I have had a few that didnt work for my family.

We were very surprised to see how big she was, and the memento were framing Summer’s Birth certificate .

But thank you Smiley360 for giving me a chance to build a bear for a 3 month old that she would treasure a lifetime.

I received this Free for review from smiley360 šŸ˜€

This has to be the best mission by far thank you again for the free product šŸ˜€


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