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Crayola pro designer virtual kit




I had the opportunity to review this with my daughter. My children has tablets so being picked for this was ecstatic. What we liked was the cute carrying case that holds the colored pencils, markers, stencils, sharpener and their very own portfolio. I have 2 girls who constantly fight over coloring pages and just about everything, What we liked about this kit was that there is a APP they can download and scan a QR code and once they are done coloring it they can scan it and accessorize their person, change hair color have accessories, and there is even a feature that once they are done they can have their model take the runway. It is really worth the price as not only can they have the arts and crafts part of the kit but turn it into a virtual accessory as well. I would recommend this for anyone that has more then one child , it will minimize the fighting and getting more stencils and color pencils markers and and suitcase type container and I am sure you can buy more portfloios.


Thank You EXPOTV.COM for giving my children the opportunity to review and have fun with this.

Take a look at my page for my reviews I have done with them.


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