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Frozen Princess Elsa Doll Bundle + FREE Pair of Hair Pins (Random color) + FREE Extra Dress (Random color

Frozen Princess Elsa bundle is a really neat set. You get the Elsa doll which is wrapped in plastic for protection against dirt during transporting. Each Elsa bundle does not come with the same dress or hair clips. It states it very clearly as it is random hair and dresses. You also get 3 downloadable free books for your phone or tablet, and 2 origami books. I like how Elsa was wrapped in the plastic, as I took everything out to review as children will never know the difference. I like how Elsa was bendable where, when the kids play barbies she can go into a sitting position. Also The doll and the dresses are very nicely made. I also say the shoes to her, Which I was very surprised about that, usually when you buy or get barbie shoes with the doll they either don’t fit on right or they slip off. I can honestly say Elsa’s shoes never came off, while I was reviewing her. I like how she looks very much like her in the movie. Which I notice some dolls from movies tend not to look a like but with her I was very surprised. I had to pry it away from my 16 month old which the doll is for my 9 year old. I have a 8 year old who is in love with Anna. But they share so when the time comes they will be happy with what they get. Again I was really amazed of the durability and quality of the doll. I will be letting friends and family know about this product as they have kids my children’s age who love frozen. The video’s up top is pt1 and pt2, which for this review I did a video instead of pictures.

Disclaimer: I received this free in exchange for a honest unbiased review.


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