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Kids Art set, 46 piece premium Artists Drawing gift. All the stationery supplies in one place Pencil Colours, Crayons, Markers, Water Colours, Paint brush and Pallet, Free relaxing therapy colouring pages!

I love this 46 piece art set, I have a 17 month old little girl who love taking paper and drawing, now she has her own are set that has, crayons, color pencils, markers,paint , eraser, glue and a pencil sharper. What makes this really unique is that it has 4 tiers that slide neatly together so you can store it nicely or take it on the go and not to worry about everything spilling. I like with paint tier it has a mixing cup inserted inside to mix the paint colors to make different colors. I like this for her cause it is something creative we can do together and its her first art set so she can make memories for her mommy, daddy , mamaw and papaw, and her uncles. This is such a perfect beginner set for the younger generations..

Disclaimer: I received this at a major discount for exchange for this review


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