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Mega Bloks American Girl Nicki’s Horse Stables Construction Set by American Girl

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I have 3 girls, ages 10, 9 and 2. They all love horses. Also, American Girl. This is perfect for all horse and American girl lovers. We never knew until now that American Girl didn’t just make dolls. I know there are little pieces and not ment for children under 5 but, Under my supervision my 2 year old had a ball,being able to build horse stables with stall, horse jump, swinging doors, and real fabric texture. This set comes with Nicki which is a original a American Girl, Spocket her dog and Jackson the horse. It comes with all the horses needs such as the blanket, saddle and bridle for the horse. After building and putting all the pieces together,Nicki infact is bendable where she can fit on the horse like she is riding him. My girls loves all the accessories that came with this kit, such as dog house, carrots, garden, plants, fence, and ladder. You may think the price is steep,but with all what you can come up with your imagination , it can entertain your children for hours. This is one set they cant stop playing with, it is worth every penny and keeps your children’s imagination run wild and the love of horses connecting with American Girl name prepare hours of fun and them wanting more to add to their collection.

Disclaimer: I received this for my kids free in exchanged for a honest unbiased review.


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