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Octonauts Midnight Zone Playset

I have a 3 year old little girl, she loves different kinds of shows , and we love exploring different options of toys with her likes of the shows. One of her favorite shows is Octonauts. When Mattel emailed us that their review for toy options was open we rushed to take a look to see what was available. We saw many toy options, so we called her to the computer and let her decide which toy she wanted. Which to our surprised she went with the Octonauts Midnight Zone Playset. When this play set arrived , it came in a big box with packing popcorn, that was a mess, but once we took it out we noticed it was nicely made. it came with 16 pieces. the yellow scooping piece fits nicely into the octonauts characters hand, then there is a silver or greyish color piece that fits into the submarine itself. It also come with 2 cards that fits into the submarine, these cards are double sided so you can take turns having tons of fun. My 3 year old continues to have hours of fun, it keeps her content and busy.

We received the free in exchange for a honest non biased review


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