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Skye Pillow Pet

WIN_20160614_21_14_10_ProWIN_20160614_21_13_49_ProWIN_20160614_21_13_43_ProWhen we got the opportunity to review a Paw Patrol pillow pet we were estatic. My little one is in love with Paw Patrol. Her favorite pups are Everest, Skye and Rubble. So, when a box showed up at our door yesterday, I thought about the unwrapping of her birthday gift. She had a Paw Patrol birthday. As, you can see she is totally in love with this pillow, she wont let anyone touch or lay on the pillow, she says my Skye. The pillow itself is like a regular pillow when it is not folded. When it is folded it makes a great behind the headrest. Last night she slept on it and she ended up sleeping until 1030 am this morning. She still wont let anyone touch her pillow pet. We are looking to get a few more as we are moving we want to decorate her room in Paw Patrol. Skye herself is pretty cool her hear stick out and hang low and very real feeling. Her tail also sticks out like a real pup but its more of a hard material.


I recieved this free in exchange for a honest unbiased opinion.


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