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Super heros for kids

I was offer a chance to review 2 super heroes costumes for my 3 year old. I have a great husband which she asked nicely o dress up with her.

The first one I am going to talk about is:


It comes with a nicely made silky cape which has a real looking image of Cinderella, 2 wrist bands patches of Cinderella  , a belt which has a Cinderella kinda of glued on looking Cinderella patch , and a cool looking pink face match as seen below. Everything with this costume is all Velcro

The second one she received was a Elsa Super Hero costume, this has a silky cape that has a snow flake on it, 2 wrist bands that have snow flakes and the belt also has a snow flake with a matching blue face mask. Like the pink Cinderella costume this is also all Velcro.

Since she has received this she has not wanting to take it off , also she loves letting her sisters play super heroes and she tries to get her dad and myself play as she gets upset a little when we cant get the whole costume on but we try to do our best.

Here is a picture of our 3 year old and her daddy.

I got this at a discount price and did not get reimbursed for the price.


The loves of my life

you can purchase this at full price on the link below


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