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Triopoly Super Monopoly Board Game. 3 Dimensions of Monopoly Strategy.

I love the game monopoly growing up, I am 31 years old, I have grown up with monopoly all my life, my husband has each generation of monoply there is, when I came across Triopoly. I didn’t know what I was getting into, I was in uttermost shock with this game. This game can probably take hours to days maybe weeks. There are 3 stages to this game.

There are 3 stages to this game:
Stage game 1 : Its a quick game, its a single board like the monopoly game.
Stage game 2 : It’s a standard game, that meaning is a second board that goes on top of the the bottom board
Stage game 3 : Its called the deluxe game meaning a 3 third tier board goes on top of the second board.

This is so amazing its crazy, It says for 12 and up but in my personal opinion I feel it more for maybe 16 or 17 and up.
Unlike the regular monopoly with this one you can build more, its not houses and hotels. Its more advanced to as skyscrapers, gas stations, you can become a real estate tycoon .

The reason i feel its for older teens and adults is because I feel this game teaches them more about money management and how to become a entrepreneur skills to become their own buisness man or woman,

I think this game should be in a home to teach the teens that money and buisness is serious,

Disclaimer: I recieved this at a discount rate in exchange for this review


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