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Very Vibrant and Stand out colors, Perfect for that artist or a adult who likes to color with there kids or grandkids or alone


I started doing adult coloring books lately for my free time. I got the chance to review this pencil set at a discount.Some colors may look the same but there not on paper. I love the colors, when you color they are very vibrant and stands out. This set i a 48 color set and they are already sharpened. This set is amazing great for coloring, sketching or art work. I also like that they stand behind there product if you don’t like it or your not satisfied you can send them back for a 100 percent refund. This is great for any age, I like that they have different shades of examples of pink,green,blue and ect.. I been noticing that color pencils have been more in trend since adult coloring books have came out. There is a bonus with these pencils, when you purchase them you get a 6 page e-book adult coloring pages

Disclaimer: I received these at a discount price in exchange for a honest unbiased review


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