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Oxi clean white revive


Smiley360 gave me also a chance to try the new oxy clean white revive. I was a little skeptical once again, as we used oxi clean in the past and it never seem to work. so when they sent out the gift card to walmart to purchase this product, we were like what the heck as we always use liquid form of detergent. I noticed a big difference when using this product, my whites came out whiter, I always use a little bleach when doing whites, but I believe the oxi helped a lot. My darks didn’t fade which was really shocking because my husband bought a brand called sun and it totally destroyed his clothing color to fading. The price was really reasonably for a 32 load at walmart was around 8 dollars , which when it comes to household products that work, or any product with a good reputation the cost does not matter. In fact a 32 load tub lasted us a month and a half as you don’t need a lot to put in the was like you do with liquid. I gave out coupons and even a little pouch of the detergent to try out and they were even amazed. I know several friends who are willing and are switching to this brand.
Once again smiley thank you for giving me the opportunity to try this product out.


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