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I was chosen to review the autobar, I have to say this is amazing, I think everyone should have one in the car or truck. Its a 3 in 1 device. SO, How does this work? Well for the elderly or disabled person it attaches to the hinge when you open the door and acts like a handle to help them get in the car steadly, meaning it helps them get in the car with help and it keeps them balanced.

The second part of the device, is if you look you can see a sharp blade in the indent of the device, and that is for if you are in a car accident or if your seat belt buckles and you cant get out of it, you slide this through the belt and it will slice the seat belt to break you through so you can get out.

The third and final part is, incase you are trapped in your car, you can take the autobar and it will break the window. I feel safe having this in the car, I dont have a car right now do to a accident my husband had, so I did put this up and will be putting it in my new car when I get it, it makes me feel safe having 3 kids , one is a 10 month old little girl.

I received this free in exchange for this review.



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