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Fengbao Crystal Professional Visible Cutaway of Padlocks Lock for Locksmith Lock Training Trainer with 2 keys Good for Beginners

I really like this set, I have never picked any kind of lock, so when I received this I thought hey its worth a shot in case if I lock myself out of a drawer. I had no luck trying to pick the lock that it came with but, I did end up losing the keys to my filing cabinet , so I thought hey what would it hurt to try to pick the lock , only down fall would be I would not be able to unlock it, but up and behold I used 2 on the metal lock picks to try and pick it open, Well to my surprised I was able to do it with 2 tries out of all the picks that came with it, I took 2 of the picks and put it in the hole and jiggled them around by turning them to get it to open and after about 3 tries I was able to open and relock it, I am so proud as, I have to get in and out of my filing cabinet for important information. Now I am going to try to pick other locks that I lost the keys to such as my giant cabinet in my office at home that has my valuables. One thing about having kids I can never seem to keep lock keys cause my kids tend to get a hold of them and lose them or hide them to get into my work, since I am disabled I review at home to get to be able to speak my mind with my honest non biased opinion .

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount rate for my honest non biased opinion,


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