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foodWe have a household full of people from 4 kids to 3 adults, so we make a lot of food for dinners. My brother in law works a lot of hours and my husband drives him around. They don’t have much time to stop and grab something to eat. These Containers come in handy in all sorts of ways. You can freeze left overs from a big dinner that you can defrost at another time. They also work great for food storage from lunch or dinner, so you can place in the fridge and the great part about this is, you can warm it up the microwave. There is a another plus to this is it can be used as a lunch box also. Which my brother in law loves. So, he doesn’t have to stop anywhere to grab something to eat, they just have stop somewhere to warm up the food at a gas station that has a microwave. The containers themselves are deep enough to put a good size portion of food in them. The last plus to this set is that they are dishwasher safe, so, all you have to do rinse the old food and clean it and place in the dishwasher and you good to go. I like having these around the house not just for on the go, but I like that when I have to put dinner away, there is plenty of space to stick in the fridge for next days lunch or depending on the type of meal, It can be placed in the freezer for another day.

Disclaimer: I received this product free in exchange for this honest non biased review


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