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Nescafe with coffee-mate


I am picky about my coffee, I love flavored coffee but when I make my coffee and add my own flavored creamer it always comes out to sweet or too bland, When I got the chance to try out this new product which is coffee and the creamer is already included I was a bit weirded. I received the french vanilla. I tried it , we ended up getting a cold front here where I live and let me tell you this was soo much better then hot chocolate. And with this, you can add more or little. Lets says you add the 2-4 tble spoons it says and it still doesn’t have the sweet taste you can always add more flavor that you want. It says use warm water but what I do is I put the amount I want add the water and put it in the microwave and heat it up and if it has a watery taste I just stir more coffee into it. I dont have anything bad to say, in fact I used the free coupons to buy other flavors , and when I have family over I have them choose witch one they want and I make it. I also like this because you dont waste waste a pot of coffee all the time.

I recieved this free in exchange for this review and smiley 360 for my honest opinion




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