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a&h clump and seal

I received this free from smiley360 campaign. I have 2 cats that the smell from the current litter was completely horrible. SO when they gave me the opportunity to redeem a coupon to try this new clump and seal litter I was a little skeptical to try it out because I have tried many litters for the cats and they always seem to smell up the whole house to the point I would have to change the litter box every other day. SO, my husband said hey its worth a shot as arm and hammer is a very well known company in fact we keep arm and hammer in out fridge to help with the smell so food don’t go bad. After 2 days of using we noticed there wasn’t a smell in fact we only had to change the litter box 5-6 days or a week a time. My cats are kinda of weird when we keep switching litter on them , but since using this they love it. The price is a little costly but in other words I don’t put a price on my family and that includes my animals as they are like our children to , SO I even gave out the coupons that came with them and many of them were amazed how well this product worked for them. This is such a amazing product it will be on my shopping list once a month.

Thank you again smiley360 for giving me a chance to review this amazing litter for my cats, they said they love you for it šŸ˜€


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