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Smiley 360 : 5hour energy drink Breast cancer edition


I was expected into this mission which I was thrilled, I love 5 hour energy drinks they keep me going as a mom of 3 and getting them ready for school , walk them to school come home and take care of the baby until she is asleep and then I do my house cleaning with out this I drag and it wont get done lol. So when I had the opportunity to try the pink lemonade I was stoke, but then I realized that it was a special edition one for Breast cancer awareness. Which hits home on my side of the my family and my husbands family. My grandmother and great grandmother had it , and this past June We found out that my husbands Aunt has it. This is one organization I will do what I can for, every year I would cut my hair and donate it for a great cause. When they sent me 2 bottles I drank one of them and as we saw that this type is a limited edition one so we put it up with the rest of our Breast Cancer stuff for keep sakes, I love being in Smiley   360 not because of free products but because I have a voice that can be heard and it means something to me and encourage others.

Again I received this for free for this review and to try out.


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