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Shoplet sent me 2 calendar products to try out, The first one is a giant hang up calendar, and the second is a 2015 agenda

1. I constantly have calendar’s around my house, but I notice their isnt enough room to write everything down. This calendar has everything you can imagine. it has wide spaces for dates , so you can write down birthdays and events and including if you have any appointments.

The second thing I like about it , it has a gold looking hole ring to you can hang it up anywhere in the house. As, my children and husband looks at out typical calendar’s they complain the writing is too small. This one is giant spaces to include anything you need.

2. The second Calender product they sent me was a 2015 agenda, it is thick and the binding is very well put together, unlike other agendas you have to have a paper clip typically to make sure you save your place, this agenda has just like a address book labels, like address books they have the alphabet, this one has the months of the year, and its not like small calendars on one page and then flip to the next where you write what needs to be done, appointments, bdays and your schedule, this actually has wide open spaces for each day. It has plenty of lines to write what you need.


These products couldn’t have come at a better time as, the new year is coming up and I was in the process of getting a durable long lasting agenda which I was sent. As, a mother of 3 ages range from 0 – 8 and a husband and my medical appointments this couldnt have been more perfect.

As having the giant one around the house and the agenda on the go what more could you ask for , the items look long lasting and the pages are thick and lots of spaces for remarks.

Thank you Shoplet for the amazing products for me to review.


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