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Adult Coloring Books: 6 Coloring Books for Adults – Featuring Wildlife, Gardens, Places, Flower Patterns (6 Pack Bundle)

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This is a great coloring bundle for beginners, each page is beautifully designed uniquely. My husband and I turned part of our time to color together. He has been and out of the hospital, He chose 1 coloring book and I chose one, compared to other coloring books these are more in detail to coloring then regular books. Which I enjoy this aspect, it requires longer to color, and for me a major stress relief. I started one below and my husband did as well.
You get 6 books its called the beginner series, the 6 books are:
1.Color Patterns
2, Exotic Expressions
3. Secretly Garden
4.Creative Awakenings
5. Wildlife
6. Places to color

Each book is creatively designed for adults, as we get bored and childrens coloring books just cut it for me anymore. I like having a challenge for setting my creativity to maximum heights, and to make each coloring page unique and detailed. I love this set, its full of creativity, fun and challenges for adults. Plus, it gives my husband and I time together coloring while we talk and We, can color with our children. So, these can be a family affair to spend time with our children. As you can see we started coloring, with the instructions is says we cannnot post non colored pages , so I posted the 2 we are working on.

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount price in exchange for a honest unbiased review.


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