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Aen Art Gel Pens 160 Colored Gel Pen Set

I love doodling and writing, I am always looking for a pen, if I am on the phone or searching online. There is always a reason to why I am looking for a pen to write with, when I saw this set I didn’t know what to expect. when I saw 320 pens and didn’t read all the way through. I thought there was going t be 320 pens, but when I received this set I was amazed to how well they packaged this set. It is nicely packaged into a box which can be great if you want to give this as a gift, or if you want to store this for safer keeping. 160 pens come in a plastic holder that is neatly packaged as well. The refills are great. I like this, cause if you come across a certain color you enjoy and you run out of ink you can find it in a the refillable packets and just replace it. This has 3 packets that have refillable ink to replace the colors when they run out. I really think you get your money’s worth with this set. You can really enjoy yourself trying out colors. This set contains the following..
*42 glitter
*19 neon
*18 pastel
*21 mattalic
*39 glitter/neon
*4 standard
*11 magic
*6 rainbow
so there are colors for just about anything and anyone


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