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I had the opportunity to review this wonder office desk organizer. It feels and looks like leather and it would last a long time. I use it for many things , 1 for my desk where you can see on the top of the picture its plastic and when you open it up it holds pens ,pencils safety pins or paper clips, each place has its own organizer, I feel that every business owner or work should have one of these. I use it at times for a lap organizer for  my lap top , or when I am on my lap top I place paper on it so I can write and gather information on a  my projects, as I am a everyday blogger. I love to review to see what works and what doesn’t for my family. Some may not see that way but in my opinion price isn’t a issue. Some products can be so expensive but not be useful where a cheaper product could work just as well but last longer. I don’t really look at prices , I look at durability and toughness, As, I am a mother of 3 not to worried about my 5 month old but my 7 and 8 year old loves to see what I get in the mail and they automatically thinks its theirs. But they are not realizing that daddy is building me a office its not completely done but that is my room for me to write and review my products. Plus a advantage of reviewing is family members always say does that really work or I want that and when I tell them I have and they ask me all the time if I come across one they will pay me back and I told them Xmas is coming up. But this organizer desk my father in law loves it I let him try it our as, he does construction and he was writing out a diagram and he said he never had a smooth gliding pencil on something like this. I have no complants, you can purchase this at amazon and very worth the price.


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